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Track Santa Sleighs, Charity Rallies, Parades and more

Pentangle Technology’s GPS Tracker service is designed to meet the unique needs of charitable organisations, enabling them to easily track the location of their fund raisers such as Tractor runs and Santa sleighs. Utilising just an old Android handset and a simple downloaded application the GPS co-ordinates are sent to a web service which then allows the location to be rendered in realtime on Google Maps, Open Street map or whichever mapping technology you choose to use. For those organisations that don’t have a website of their own Pentangle offer a free web site like the one for Thame Round Table at

Key features of the Pentangle Technology GPS Tracker Website Service include:

  1. Real-Time Tracking: Participants can be tracked in real-time during charity events, providing a dynamic and interactive experience for supporters.
  2. Customisable Schedules : Charities can list their schedules for multi day events, such as Round Table and Rotary Santa Sleighs.
  3. Fundraising Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with fundraising platforms, allowing site visitors to donate online.
  4. Sponsorship Integration: With our hosted version you can list sponsors with bannersin order to raise more funds
  5. Multiple object tracking: Track multiple objects to show multiple attendees or the sstart and end of your convoy.
  6. Multi device capability: The app can receive data from both the bespoke Android app and TK-102 enabled GPS tracker

Currently the tracker is in use amongst a number of charitable organisations including Local charities, Round Tables and Rotary clubs


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