Services: Hosting & Support

There’s lots of choice out there and let’s face it so many things to consider! But you don’t have to get confused by the options. Let us take you through the myriad of opportunities, simplify it all and work with you to make the right decision.

First things first is creating your digital identity; that is with the ideal domain name and the perfect hosting package. Most of this thinking happens when planning your site. It isn’t difficult, but it is useful to know how to find, register and keep your domain name and hosting up to date for as long as you want it.

To give you a quick idea if you are looking at a, it is about £10 + VAT per annum, and if it is a .com, .net, .org you are probably looking at about £15 + VAT per annum.  If you are fancying something different, then please just contact us as these may be subject to legal requirements and possibly additional fees.

Let us make sure your site is up to date & secure, so you can focus on running your business.

It’s the little things that take the time, which is why we pride ourselves on tackling those little things and just making them happen so you don’t need to. Chat with us to find out how we can make a difference to your hosting and support.

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