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The challenge

Every year an iconic visitor comes to Thame to celebrate the festive season. With a population of well over 12k people, he has a lot of areas and homes to visit. He takes a pre-Christmas charity fundraising trip around the town during the week before the big day. When visiting Santa is supported by Thame Round Table and so, to make his life easier and for those that wish to see him Pentangle took it upon themselves to create a Santa Tracker.

The approach

While relatively simple in principle it did require a front end website which combined API (or Application Programming Interface) and GPS in order to track Santa when he was on the move. This combined with a mobile app means that people can see where Santa is and potentially predict how long it will be until he reaches them.

The outcome

Everyone loves the app! The whole event has raised significant amounts of much needed funds for charity. And in fact it is loved so much, that the format has now been rolled out to support other Round Table’s Santa charity efforts in Witney and ….

What Our Client Says

“Well it is a such a busy time of year for me. I need to be in so many places at once. Working with Pentangle on my very own tracker was great fun. It means I can help out raising money for charity as everyone knows where I am. But unfortunately, it also means Mrs Claus knows where I am too!”


Santa Claus

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