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The mission

A new direction and a shift in leadership for GIF Supplies meant they were keen to move away from their previous archaic, unresponsive website. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of lamination films to the printing trade, they were talking daily about creative design and packaging solutions, yet the website conveyed a very different impression. Instead they were looking for a site that would properly reflect their innovative business and clearly show their full product range.

The approach

In order to create a new website for them, it was imperative to get a completely holistic view of the extensive range of products. There were a multitude of different types and then within this multiple  variations – all of which needed to be easily displayed. For some this could be confusing; so Pentangle took a step back to carefully review all the information and create a logical, effective way for visitors to navigate and find what they were looking for.  In turn, this structure meant that uploading new products and amending existing was a relatively straight-forward process.

The outcome

Despite the various complexities, the new site captures all of this information in a simple way consolidating the products into core ranges. This then enables site visitors to dive deeper into product specifics and narrow down the options they are looking for. In addition, the site can evolve as these core collections change, with new ones being added on a regular basis by GIF Supplies themselves.

What Our Client Says

The Team at Pentangle, helped us with our website, from the start we got a great feeling that working with them would be easy and more importantly we got the feeling that we could trust in them as they guided us to a format and type of website that we thought could work for us.

Not being technical or creative as it is in our case, meant that we found Alun and his team extremely helpful as they explained to us step by step the process and with on going meetings and updates we really thought the whole project worked very smoothly to a satisfactory end.

Currently, they are helping us further in developing an e shop for our website and we expect nothing but another successful project.

Thank you Alun and the rest of the Pentangle Team, It is a pleasure working with you all.

Sandro Mosquera MD, GIF Supplies

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