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The mission

A new logo and a new brand, but none of this was reflected in their website! So to celebrate this era of change, SYLO | Beyond HR wanted to create a completely new online presence. As a dynamic HR Consultancy they wanted to clearly show who they were, how they worked with clients and what a difference they could make to businesses.

The approach

Clearly this was an ideal opportunity to completely move away from the previous website. However, this was not just a question of taking the current content and making a new look. It was so much more.  Instead, they were seeking a number of additional enhancements in order for more of their useful information to be readily available to clients.

Fortunately, SYLO | Beyond HR had a very clear vision of what they wanted and the nature of the information they wanted to share. This made our lives easier as we could work closely with them to understand the format of the content and plan with them the best way of it being shared online.

The outcome

A fresh look, using punchy colours and icons to communicate critical information and help people quickly find what they need. Now they have a website that is perfect for their needs, but even more importantly for those of the businesses they work with. There is now also a secure client area where they can log in to get crucial templates, legal updates and HR guidance – all as part of the service from SYLO | Beyond HR .

What Our Client Says

Working with Pentangle on our new website was an absolute treat. Their knowledge and advice meant that they took everything we wanted to achieve, completely understood what we were about and somehow managed to translate all of that into our website. The website now does everything we could ask of it, including a password protected area for our Retained Clients.

Luci Martin, SYLO | Beyond HR

Reliable, approachable, cost effective, straight talking

Whether you are just starting out in business and need help getting going or you are an established brand looking to take your sites and services to the next level our team can help you find the right solution for you.  We’ll talk to you in plain English and help you understand exactly what you need.

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