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The challenge

As an IT Support company that prided themselves on demonstrating how #ITsDifferentHere, Turncloud were keen for this sentiment to be reflected in their website. Their previous site was very dark and uninspiring. It lacked the personality of Turncloud. So they wanted to move away from the impression this was giving and to create a website that properly reflected who they were and how they work with businesses.

The approach

The team had a clear vision of what they did not want! So the trick for Pentangle was to create a site that conveyed all the essential services information, but also revealed how working with Turncloud was different. This was achieved through the design, the visitor journey, how people navigated the site right the way through to the use of colour, imagery and tone. A combination of images was used – a mix of relaxed, lifestyle working spaces with nature, being outdoors, and the environment. This was accented with punches of colour highlighting key information and calls to action, in contrast to the brand colour.

The outcome

A far more engaging and interesting site, which still held all of the critical information about their services while also reflecting why IT was different here. The tone was simple, plain-talking English rather than riddled with IT jargon and as time has gone on has been supplemented with additional information including CAD Workstations and tools to help visitors such as the IT Support Cost Calculator.

What Our Client Says

“While our new website needed to outline our IT services, it also really needed to reflect us as people. We wanted it to show we really know IT, that we listen, that we care and that we won’t baffle people with unnecessary IT science! It was also important that it featured real people in real working environments, so that visitors could easily relate to the content and find what they were looking for.”

Simon Gray, Turncloud

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