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The challenge

Well it all started with that pandemic! And for XT Brewery it was too hard to sit back and do nothing when it felt like the world was on fire in late March 2020. As businesses closed their doors for an unknown time ahead Pentangle started to hear stories of people with things to sell but no physical way to sell them and at that point we knew what needed to happen.

The approach

We wanted to help. We wanted to use our skills to help companies ‘pivot’, which was the jargon the business movement was using! Quietly we started reaching out to local businesses and offering FREE WooCommerce stores to sell their wares.

The outcome

While time entered that strange realm of lockdown and we learnt new words such as social distancing, self-isolation, Pentangle went out and actively contacted several companies. One of which was XT Brewery based at Notley Barn in  Long Crendon. They benefited from a dedicated shop environment enabling them to continue selling through-out the lockdown and beyond.

What Our Client Says

“When the lockdown was quickly introduced, we felt initially thrown into disarray as to the best way to keep the business going. That is where Pentangle stepped in. It was fabulous to be approached by them and they reacted so quickly to our needs and got a shop up and running for us within days. As a result we were able to still make some sales despite everything that was going on around us.”

Russ, XT Brewery

Reliable, approachable, cost effective, straight talking

Whether you are just starting out in business and need help getting going or you are an established brand looking to take your sites and services to the next level our team can help you find the right solution for you.  We’ll talk to you in plain English and help you understand exactly what you need.

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