Spaceman Connect: Check-in & Account Management

Reduce check-in times, phone calls and support emails by letting customers self-serve

Launching Q4 2021

Our online Check-in process allows your customers to create an online account, upload identification, save payment information and much more reducing the “faff” time when they come in to take up their contract allowing your staff more time to work with them to give them the best experience.

Once they’ve become a customer let them update contact details, payment information and even digitally sign new contracts all from the comfort of their own device.

We have integrations available for payments via Stripe and Go-Cardless.  Identity by Northrow, LEMVerify and Stripe


Setup fee £125 + VAT

1st site £75 + VAT per month

Additional sites @ £25 + VAT per month

Discounts available for customers of our Space Manager Quote and Reservation platform., Large operators and customers taking annual payment option.


Technical Requirements

Internet connection with fixed IP Address

Space Manager license for external connections – Contact [email protected] or alternatively we can manage this process for you

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