March 6, 2023

By: Alun Rowe

When you’re running an ad campaign, you want to make sure your ads are getting in front of the right people at the right time, and that they’re clicking through to your website. But did you know that the speed of your website pages can actually impact the success of your ad campaigns?

Let’s say you’re using Google AdWords to run your ads. When someone clicks on your ad, they’ll be taken to a landing page on your website. If that landing page takes too long to load, the person may become frustrated and leave the page before even seeing what you have to offer. This means you’ve just lost a potential customer!

But that’s not all. Google also looks at the speed of your landing page when determining the Quality Score of your ad. The Quality Score is a metric that measures the relevance and quality of your ad and landing page, and a higher Quality Score can lead to lower ad costs and better ad positions.

So, if your landing page is slow to load, you may end up with a lower Quality Score, which means your ad costs may be higher and your ad position may not be as good as you’d like.

Plus, more and more people are using their mobile devices to browse the internet, and they have even less patience for slow-loading pages. If your landing page isn’t optimized for mobile and isn’t loading quickly, you may be missing out on potential customers who are browsing on their phones.

All in all, pagespeed is important for the success of your ad campaigns. By making sure your landing pages are loading quickly and smoothly, you can improve your Quality Score, lower your ad costs, and get more potential customers to click through to your website.