March 4, 2023

By: Alun Rowe

Many people ask us why we prefer to handcraft WordPress sites instead of using popular page builders like DIVI or WPBakery. We understand the allure of themes in the WordPress theme store, but there are many good reasons why custom-built templates are better for your business.

Custom-built templates allow for greater control over design.

It’s easy to hit a brick wall with pre-made themes and struggle to make changes to the design without “hacking” the theme. When you build the page yourself, it’s simpler to make these changes and get exactly what you want in terms of design.

Custom-built templates help to reduce bloat.

Themes often require additional plugins, and different plugins may use different frameworks to achieve similar results, meaning you are loading code twice for the same effect.

Handcrafted pages are faster.

They have just the right amount of code to achieve the desired result, without any extra code hanging around to be unnecessarily processed. Pre-written themes and page builders often download way more CSS and Javascript than necessary, resulting in a slower load time. When we handcraft a site for you, we narrow down the options to save on code, giving you a faster load time.

Custom-built templates provide a better user experience.

With complete control over rendering, we can optimize the website for different devices, resulting in a better user experience and potentially more conversions.

Custom-built templates simplify the admin panel.

We have far greater control over the way the admin panels function, allowing us to create separate sections that show only relevant fields for specific tasks, making it easier for you to provide accurate information.

Hand-coding offers technical benefits.

Reducing the DOM complexity can speed up website rendering and reduce “Layout Shift,” while better control over “meta” information can help search engines better understand your website’s content.

Isn’t it expensive to write everything from scratch?

Well, we don’t write everything from scratch!  We recognize patterns that can be applied across many sites. Such as “Hero Sliders” or Contact forms.  We have a collection of commonly used items we can pull into any project.  This saves time and money for our clients while still delivering a custom-built website with all the benefits discussed above.

If you are looking for your next website and want something simply to update that delivers a fantastic user experience get in touch with us below for a free chat about what Pentangle can do for your business.