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Stripping it back, software development is really all about saving time, being more productive and streamlining processes. The ultimate goal is to create better cost efficiencies. Let’s face it in this arena there are many grand terms out there such as digital transformation, but at Pentangle we believe in keeping it simple. Which is why this is more about exploring your business challenges and coming up with the right solution for you and how you operate.

Our involvement in multiple technology projects for both customers and our own software ventures, has always been based on a passion to use our expertise to create tools to empower business. These are deliberately tailored to suit the need, so avoid any unnecessary complicated technology and typically simplify operations. This therefore gives people the freedom to focus their attentions on other priorities in the business.

And luckily for us; some of our customers have even won awards for the systems we have provided.

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Whether you are just starting out in business and need help getting going or you are an established brand looking to take your sites and services to the next level our team can help you find the right solution for you.  We’ll talk to you in plain English and help you understand exactly what you need.

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